George SugarmanPurdue University North Central is home to hundreds of pieces of art created by noted 20th century artist, George Sugarman. In 2008, The George Sugarman Foundation made the generous contribution of the definitive collection.

The PNC collection includes sculpture, paintings, photos, books and a video of pieces of Sugarman's original art. All Sugarman exhibits are free and open to the public.

Paintings and the sculptures by George Sugarman can be viewed on the PNC campus. Major works are located in the library on the second floor of the Library-Student-Faculty Building. For times and accessibility information, visit or call 219-785-5593 or 219-785-5719.

This collection contains more than 50 years of Sugarman's work.

Purdue University North Central is indebted to the George Sugarman Foundation; to Sugarman's niece and foundation director Arden Sugarman; and to artist Peter Capurso, his long-time assistant,  for the gift of this definitive collection. It resides at PNC for the educational benefit and enjoyment of all.

Judy Jacobi, PNC Assistant Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Community Relations

Sugarman's works are among the collections in museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York City ; the Art Institute, Chicago and the Fogg Museum at Harvard University .

His work reflects an intense interest in colors. The sculptures embrace a “polychrome profusion” of shape and space as defined by color. The abstract yet organic forms that characterized his style with their eccentricity and expansiveness reflected what he called the “existential disorder of life.” In the midst of a surge of interest in the stark minimalism of sculptural work in the 1960s, Sugarman persisted in his complex, multi-colored geometric and biomorphic style.

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